Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bottle House with 30,000 Bottles

In order to use bottles, an architect from London made ​​"Bottle House".

Bottle House 

Ridwan Kamil is the Indonesian people. He had an idea so brilliant idea. Chairman of the Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF), utilizing old bottles to build houses as residential. Ridwan Kamil home work is not quite a thumbs-up course, the house gets its unique title in Green Design Award 2009, organized by the BCI (Building Construction Information Asia). That utilize their home energy drink bottles that apparently won over eighty works of other participants from eight countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, and China. It's really human achievements are very proud. Starting from the idea when he saw a construction worker in his house drinking energy drinks which gradually becomes stacking, the idea of ​​utilizing bottles appeared.

Ridwan Kamil spent 30,000 bottles to build his house, which stood on the land area of ​​373 square meters, in the area of ​​South Cigadung. Old bottles he used he accidentally plug in place through which the sun, the goal is to capture and let the sunlight can penetrate into the house. The walls are made ​​of glass, making it easier incoming sunlight so it does not need to turn on lights during the day. In addition to environmentally friendly, the bottle was also instrumental in saving energy and reducing the impact of global warming. The bottle houses are also impressed very artistic views.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Warm atmosphere-From University Chilled Water Plant

A two-block-long chiller plant is a not self-evident way to say, "Welcome to the University of Pennsylvania!" But in the hands of architects Leers Weinzapfel, the plant has become an elegant urban gateway for an increasingly busy side of the campus. The university recognized that a new chiller facility could more reliably and economically serve its growing medical and reseacrh complex, but also saw that the best site for it was too prominent for such a large, utilitarian structure to be built undisguised. The architect won a competition for the structure, sponsored by Penn, with the deceptively simple strategy of wrapping the plant in an oblong scrim of perforated, corrugated metal panels. A running track encircling the enclosure and baseball field to one side restored athletic fields displaced by the plant.
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Contemporary House with All Wood Concept

The design is very unique house, where all components are made of author
wood.It is very convenient to stay at home this.
because the house is very concerned with environmental health, this design is perfect for the adventurous forest.
Because indirectly the people who live will collaborate with the forest.

Almost all parts of the house using wood from various trees.
Presents a natural feel and cool.
Not only that, on the inside of the house also uses the concept of wood.
Viewed from the floor and walls and other decorations. A very smart of this design is a mixture of natural concepts (which looks old) combined with the modern concept of forming a very beautiful design.
The concept that combines experience with modern definitely suits you.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Traditional houses are attractive Java

Joglo is a traditional house of Javanese society. Consisting of 2 main sections namely Pendapa and dalem. Pendapa this part is the front that have a large room Joglo without barriers, typically used to receive guests or a playroom where children and family leisure. Part palace is part of a room in the house bedroom, living room and other spaces that are more privacy. The characteristics of the building is on the roof Pendapa towering like a mountain.

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Modern House with 14 rooms cost 3.9 million

House with a futuristic design and draw it with furniture that contains all the design modern.Dengan 14 room that is perfect for the modern family, and also business people who are full of inspiration is modern.
if you want to buy this house you reached into a pocket deep enough because the prices reached $ 3.9 million.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

home design with minimalist interior design

home and interior design with the impression that light can be obtained by making the coloring is simple and minimalist design.Build simple forms suggest a charming interior design and luxury.

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